Agloves capacitive touchscreen gloves demo (video)

January 16, 2012

We ran into Jean Spencer of Agloves at the Showstoppers event at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. She was kind enough to demo a pair of Agloves, which are gloves specifically designed to work without issues on capacitive touchscreens.

Most modern smartphones and tablets (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, etc) use capacitive as opposed to resistive displays, so ordinary gloves need to be removed in order to access our devices. That could become quite an annoyance in the winter when you’re trying to stay warm. Other touchscreen gloves either use lesser materials or have awkward conductive materials sewn into the fingertips of the gloves in order to make them work. Agloves, on the other hand, actually have bits of silver knitted throughout allowing full use of the gloves without adding unnecessary bulk.

Quite frankly, Agloves are probably the most flexible and comfortable pair of touchscreen-enabled gloves available at such an affordable price. If you’re looking to stay relatively warm while still maintaining full use of your fingers for your smartphone or tablet, you may want to check out Agloves. You can purchase a pair from where they range in price from $17.99 to $23.99, depending on the model. Check out our video above to see Agloves in action.

From Agloves:

Agloves has developed a patent-pending technology that makes them work brilliantly on all touchscreen devices. Unlike other gloves, Agloves harnesses the body’s natural bioelectricity from the surface of the entire hand by using silver – the most conductive element on the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Bioelectricity refers to the capacitive stored electrical charge occurring within or produced by living organisms such as humans. The connectivity of this stored electrical charge to the touchscreen is affected by moisture, both environmental and sweat, and salts on the surface of the skin. (You may have noticed that when your bare fingertip is dry it does not operate your touchscreen)

By knitting silver throughout the entire Aglove, Agloves optimize the bulk resistive properties necessary to provide a consistent and accurate flow of bioelectricity to your device. Furthermore, because silver is knit in all 10 fingers, you get all 10-finger access to tablets, smartphones and touchscreen keyboards.

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