BuQu Tech Magnetyze Magnetic Conductive Charging System for Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone (Video)

January 23, 2013

This is a demo of the BuQu Tech Magnetyze magnetic charging system for the Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone and iPhone 4/4S/5. It’s basically a protective case that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly through various magnetic docks for your office, home and car. Unlike traditional inductive chargers, this conductive charging solution also allows users to sync data to/from a phone when the it’s placed on a dock that’s connected to a computer via USB. The entire package of magnetic charging, protection and data syncing capabilities for your smartphone will cost you $69.99. The Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4/4S kits are set to release at the end of the month and the iPhone 5 version ships in April 2013. Check out the video above to see the system in action, then head to BuQu Tech’s site if you’re interested. [direct YouTube link]

Note: since the Galaxy S3 has a removable battery door, BuQu Tech will also have a Magnetyze-enabled replacement cover bundle ($59.99) which won’t add the bulk of the protective case system. A protective case with integrated extended battery will soon be available for the iPhone as well.

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