Dead on Arrival 2 Android Game Demoed on Tegra 4 Nvidia Project Shield (Gameplay Video)

February 14, 2013

Despite Tegra 4 shipping later than expected, Nvidia continues to tease us with gameplay videos featuring the Project Shield portable Android gaming system. In this clip, Nvidia shows the power of the quad-core processor and its 72-core GPU by demoing the Tegra 4-optimized version of Dead on Arrival 2, which includes exclusive features like dynamic lighting, shadows, PhysX, real-time object and ragdoll physics, upgraded textures, additional lighting and post-processing effects, and ultra-realistic blood splatter. DOA2 is the followup to the hit Dead on Arrival game from N3V Games. It’s essentially an over-the-top Zombie-survival shooter, which is perfect for the dual-stick controls of Project Shield.


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