Dynamic Paint Android Live Wallpaper (video)

March 8, 2011

Dynamic Paint Wallpaper is a new Live Wallpaper in the Android Market. It’s currently available for free as a beta, though it’ll probably run for 99 cents when it’s finalized. That being said, the developers, KittehFace Software, usually release free, lite versions of all of their wallpapers. This interactive Live Wallpaper basically allows you to spray and splatter paint onto your home screen, and then watch it run down the wall as it blends together and dissipates. Check out Dynamic Paint Live Wallpaper in action in the video below and then grab the free beta from the Android Market.

Update: Dynamic Paint is now out of beta. There’s a free version and 99 cent version. Supposedly bugs and glitches have been resolved.

Also check out Blue Skies. Photile and Jumpgate live wallpapers.

(Source: Android Market)

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