ESPN ScoreCenter and WatchESPN Android apps updated

January 25, 2012

ESPN recently updated two of their most popular Android apps, ESPN ScoreCenter for sports scores/stats tracking and WatchESPN for TV streaming. The ScoreCenter update added scoring/breaking news notifications and fixed a number of issues dealing with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and tablets. On a similar note, the WatchESPN update added full screen support for tablets and fixed an annoying bug that prevented ICS users from signing in and ultimately using the streaming service. I can confirm that bug has been squashed and it now works with ICS-powered smartphones and tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Asus Transformer Prime. Now, if only they’d update their ESPN Radio app, which has been extremely buggy for over a year now. Read on for all the details on the new versions of both aforementioned apps.

ESPN ScoreCenter 2.2.0 Changelog:
- Scoring and breaking news notifications now available!! Get game start, scoring plays, end of period/qtr/half and final score notifications, or follow your favorite sports with breaking news alerts – all delivered to your device’s home screen.
- Fixed widgets and other display issues on certain devices
- Fixed a number of UI issues occurring on Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices
- Additional UI fixes for tablets
- Additional bug fixes

WatchESPN 1.3.3 Changelog:
- Added support for full screen on Android tablets
- Fixed bug with Android 4.0 phones not loading the app properly
- Various other bug fixes

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  • Adam

    It seems like ESPN made some great improvements to their
    app. Too bad it doesn’t stream more content or other channels. If I had any
    other provider then DISH I would totally get this app. I already have the DISH
    Remote Access app which lets me stream all of my live TV channels and DVR
    recordings through my Sling Adapter. I can stream live ESPN anywhere I have 3g,
    4g or WIFI service. I will be working at the DISH call center on Super Bowl Sunday,
    instead of missing all the fun, I will be watching it on my phone!