Extended Samsung Galaxy S III Designed for Humans TV Ad

June 26, 2012

This is the “Designed for Humans” commercial Samsung should have unveiled with the Galaxy S III Android smartphone. It’s the extended cut version that actually unravels the context of the story being told and promotes the handset’s compelling, new features in each scene depicted. It essentially tells the whole story, whereas the other two variants of the spot didn’t really seem complete in one way or another compared to this. We’re not sure why it’s taken this long for Samsung to post it, but here it is in its entirety showcasing the Galaxy S3′s S Beam, Camera, S Voice, Social Tag, Pop Up Play, AllShare Play, AllShare Cast, and Smart Stay features. That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was another, even longer clip out there.

Video Description:
It understands you. A touching proposal at the airport, sharing what’s in your heart. A joyous marriage, capturing your best side. It responds to your voice. It helps you keep track of loved ones. It lets you do two things at once. Create beautiful moments. Play together. The Samsung GALAXY S III, designed for humans.

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