Firefox Beta for Android Goes Native with New UI (Changelog)

May 15, 2012

The Mozilla team has released a native version of Firefox Beta for Android. The update introduces a redesigned UI, faster load times, Adobe Flash support and more to users on the Google Play Store. Check out the change log below, then head to Google Play for the download.

- Faster start-up and page load times
- The user interface has been completely re-designed with a new Awesome Screen
- Re-designed start page with Top Sites
- Support for Adobe Flash
- By default, plugins are only loaded on touch
- Better text readability through font size inflation
- New panning/zooming architecture implemented for better touch responsiveness
- Google searches now utilize HTTPS
- Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History are now even more accessible from the Awesome Bar
For Developers:
- Pointer Lock API implemented
- New API to prevent your display from sleeping
- New text-transform and font-variant CSS improvements for Turkic languages and Greek
Bug Fixes:
- Reloading a page increases the zoom level (628269)
- Blinking characters in form fields (665374)
- Your previous tab session may not be re-opened on launch in some instances (697858)
- Some text may appear too large (710808)
- Opening links from external apps may not open properly. (711515)

Source: Google Play, Mozilla

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