Galaxy S II “Samsunged” ad continues battle against iPhone

January 20, 2012

Samsung is milking their latest Galaxy S II advertising campaign with yet another low-blow commercial against the iPhone. Like the other ads, this one starts by mocking hardcore fanboys who are waiting in line for the next iPhone unveiling, only to be disappointed when they find out that it resembles last year’s model. That’s when a Galaxy S II owner drops by and boasts about the free turn-by-turn GPS navigation feature included with the Android version of Google Maps. One of the characters in line then squirms the new catchphrase, “we just got Samsunged!” It’s also noteworthy that Samsung deliberately made the guy look like he’s in jail with bars and a striped jumpsuit on when he utters that comment. It’s unclear if these attack ads are working, but they’re certainly entertaining from a viewers perspective.

Source: YouTube

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