Geogonix Windows Phone 7 puzzle game demoed

March 17, 2011

Geogonix is an upcoming puzzle game for Windows Phone 7. The goal is to correctly place game pieces into a predefined puzzle shape. The game includes 96 total puzzles (4 packs of 24 each) and you must complete puzzles in full before unlocking more. Each level is timed and recorded, which encourages you to challenge your own best time. The game isn’t available yet, but it’s marked as coming soon and should eventually be available via this WP7 Marketplace link (Zune software). Check out the teaser video/screenshots below.

Gameplay Description:

The game starts when you open up the first puzzle pack marked Alpha. Inside of Alpha are 24 available puzzles, starting with a single unlocked puzzle. The first puzzle gives you a chance to get acclimated to the mechanic of placing pieces into the provided puzzle shape by using your finger to move the pieces around the screen. When the shape is completely filled, the puzzle is finished and the amount of time is shown. As each puzzle is completed, the next one in the pack unlocks providing the player with their next challenge. When all puzzles in the Alpha pack are completed, game play moves on to the Beta, Gamma and Delta packs.

(Source: Kitty Code)

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