Google Could Launch Multiple Nexus Phones with Android 5.0

May 15, 2012

Google’s belated listing of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play Store a few weeks ago is only the beginning of a broader strategy shift, according to the Wall Street Journal. The real surprise is said to come in time for the launch of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

The report suggests Google will work with multiple manufacturers to release up to five Pure Google, or Nexus, devices at once later this year. The vanilla Android 5.0 smartphones will be unlocked and sold directly by Google to consumers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Previously, Google worked with just one manufacturer to release a Nexus handset each year: HTC for Nexus One, Samsung for Nexus S, and again with Samsung for Galaxy Nexus. This time around we could see Motorola and LG involved, too.

If the rumor turns out to be true, this would mean quicker access to the latest version of Android and a wider variety of choices in hardware for consumers looking to secure the 4th installment of the Nexus series. Hopefully we will hear more at Google I/O 2012 in June (27-29th).

Source: The Wall Street Journal via Engadget

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