HTC EVO 3D glasses-free 3D gaming: Asphalt 6 3D (video)

July 9, 2011

The HTC EVO 3D offers several ways to take advantage of and enjoy its 4.3″ glasses-free 3D display. You can take 3D photos and videos using its dual 5 megapixel cameras and then view them right on the device. It has the ability to view 3D videos in the official Android YouTube app. Users can even watch 3D movies, like Green Hornet 3D, which comes preloaded on the device. One of the overlooked ways to put the 3D feature into use, however, is gaming.

As we’ve seen with the Nintendo 3DS, there’s actually a huge market for portable 3D games. This can easily translate to the smartphone market with powerful 3D-enabled devices like the HTC EVO 3D. The biggest hurdle is not the actual tech, it’s getting developers on-board with it. Thankfully, Gameloft is taking strong initiative by converting many of their hit titles to 3D.

In the video below, we check out Asphalt 6: Adrenaline 3D and do our best to explain what it’s like interacting with 3D entertainment without the help of special glasses. We’re quite impressed with how well the 3D illusion works with Asphalt 6 3D and feel it enhances the gameplay. For this reason, we dislike when people refer to the 3D feature as a gimmick – because it’s not, at least when it comes to gaming. We also like the fact that you can adjust the 3D depth and even play in standard 2D mode for when your eyes feel a bit stressed out.

Asphalt 6 3D is currently available for $4.99 through Gameloft’s mobile web portal (shortcut available on device). Users of regular Android phones can also check out the standard version on the Android Market for $6.99. Enjoy our extensive video review of the game below.

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