HTC Knight Android Headed to Sprint Soon?

October 24, 2010

XDA-developers received a tip yesterday with a rendering of the HTC Knight. It’s supposedly an Android device with a 3.7″ display and looks to be headed to Sprint. There’s reference to some sort of sliding mechanism for the the screen in an XML file, which leads them to believe it has a slide-out hardware keyboard. Although, who knows what sliding means these days with devices like the HTC 7 Surround lurking around.

3. Make sure to activate your device before you operate the handset by setting up the Google account on the device. 4. To view the contacts on the device, select “Contacts” and push “Menu” button, select “Display group > All contacts > OK”. 5. Do not slide screen in/out during the operation.

We’re hoping this device is the equivalent or better of the HTC Desire Z, T-Mobile G2, or Verizon HTC Merge. We’re also hoping it will not have 4G capabilities, as our experience with the WiMax technology on the HTC EVO 4G has been subpar, to say the least. The 4G access requires a $10 premium data add-on to your existing plan, but many users are either out of 4G range or they find it causes too many headaches and revert to using 3G. Currently, powerful 3G-only Android devices are severely lacking on the nation’s 3rd largest wireless carrier, which is unfortunate for many customers.

(Source: XDA)

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