Mac OSX Flurry Screensaver Turned Into Android Live Wallpaper (Video)

October 12, 2010

If you own or have owned a Mac computer during the past decade, chances are you’ve seen the Flurry screensaver that comes preloaded on them. It’s a beautiful screensaver comprised of colored particles floating around in an elegant manner. One developer decided to recreate that experience for Android in the form of Original Flurry Live Wallpaper.

Original Flurry takes that pulsating jellyfish from your computer monitor and slaps it onto your phone’s screen, and the conversion is perfect. If you show this Flurry animated background to an iPhone/Mac user, they may feel a little envious of your Android – if only for a split second. Get the free version from the Android Market and pay 99 cents to unlock some customizing options. Watch our video demo below to see it in action.

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  • Popbox Studio

    Thanks for the comment and review, should have waited for version 1.2 .

    • SmartKeitai

      Ahh, bad timing I guess. If 1.2 has some compelling new features, I may do a video response to this one . Beautifully made live wallpaper btw.

  • Andy Symonette

    I made this for the iPhone.