Madden NFL 12 free for Verizon Android users (Oct. 1-3)

October 1, 2011

If you happen to own an Android smartphone from Verizon Wireless, you may be entitled to a free copy of the official Madden NFL 12 game from EA sports. The promotion lasts for the next three days, October 1st through the 3rd, and to download you just call “**MADDEN” or “**623336″ to validate. Then you’ll receive a text message with more information. The popular football game runs for a whopping $6.99 on the Android Market, so Verizon Android fans are certainly getting a treat this weekend.

Unfortunately, not all Verizon Android phones are created equally, as our Motorola Droid Bionic doesn’t seem to be eligible for some odd reason. It appears the Droid 3 is not on the list either, but we weren’t able to confirm if it actually works or not. However, the list of supported handsets includes: Droid Incredible, Vortex, Continuum, Thunderbolt, Droid Pro, Incredible 2, Commando, Droid Charge, Revolution, Droid X2 and Droid X.

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  • Mdelucky

    Not only are some phones not supported, but if you upgraded to Gingerbread, it looks like you are out of luck too.  Fine print says for my DInc2 that it is only supported for 2.2 (Froyo).  I love being punished for upgrading.  Go figure.

    • Sylvio

      Wow, if that’s the case, that’s the worst promotional tease ever. Shame on Verizon.