Microchip Rush game for Windows Phone 7 (video)

March 31, 2011

Our friend Elbert Perez from Occasional Gamer just hit us up with word of his free, new indie game for Windows Phone 7. We’ve seen several enjoyable games come out of his development camp, and his latest, called Microchip Rush, looks like it’s going to be a great game as well. It’s almost like a hybrid of Minesweeper and match 3 genres of gaming all rolled into one intense game. Check out the description and video demo below, then head to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for the free download (Zune link).

Game Description:

The microchips need to be delivered fast! As the manager of the largest microchip production facility your task is to teleport as many chips as possible. However production errors manifest themselves as mines that can end your career as a shipping manager.

- Use strategy and speed to deliver the most chips as possible
- Score the highest score possible to be able to brag around the world that you are the greatest Microchip production facility manager

(Developer Link)

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