Motorola Droid RAZR Smart Actions features (video)

November 10, 2011

If the latest Verizon Droid RAZR TV ad didn’t show enough phone for you, check out Motorola’s latest video, which showcases the phone’s new Smart Actions features. It allows you to maximize your battery life and take control of the device by setting parameters for certain circumstances. Check out the promo video above, then read the bullet points below.

Peak Performance
Get your battery to last longer than you ever thought possible. Sure, there are several changes you can make when your battery is shrinking and there’s no chance to charge up. But what if your phone made changes as the power dropped? Now it can. Just say yes to Smart Actions and you can get more while doing less.

Ready to help
Smart Actions is all about making your life easier. Use the Nighttime Battery Saver action and your phone will adjust settings to maximize your battery’s power the next time you climb into bed, so you have you less to think about in the morning.

Keep the control
This app will offer to help, but will never make changes until you say so. After that, the changes you’ve said yes to are made automatically, leaving you free to focus about other things.

Location, location, location
Smart Actions can make changes based on where you are. These location-based actions are associated with Wi-Fi connections and will only be performed when those networks are detected.

Power max
Get more out of your battery with the Low Battery Saver action. This action will pay attention to how much charge your battery has and change settings to conserve what’s left. At 40% power, it can dim the display; at 30%, it can slow down data usage. You pick the points and you choose the changes.

Completely custom
It’s your phone; let it do more for you. Like your display turned down and your ringer turned up when you get home? Smart Actions will remember that and do it for you. Maybe you like to see your productivity app the minute you get to work. Yep, Smart Actions can help there too.

Set it and forget it
When certain Wi-Fi connections are recognized, Smart Actions can make changes based on that location. Arriving at your office could prompt putting your ringer on silent and pulling up that productivity app that really gets things done. With Smart Actions, you can set it, forget it and get on with your day.

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