Nectar Power System Charges Smartphones with Fuel Cartridges, Delivers 2 Weeks of Battery Life Per Pod (Video)

January 15, 2013

Lilliputian Systems’ Nectar Power system is a unique, portable battery charger that uses fuel cartridges to charge Android smartphones, Windows Phones, the iPhone & iPad, tablets, MP3 players, cameras and more. That translates to not having to charge phones or traditional lithium battery-based portable power packs through cables before getting enough juice to get through the day. The Nectar device itself does not need to be plugged into a wall outlet, as it’s basically self-sufficient in activating the energy in each fuel pod. Simply pop in a single power pod, plug the USB cable to your handset, and then enjoy the benefits of mobile power through multiple charges until the pod is depleted – after which you can swap it out for a new pod.

Each pod contains 55,000 mW-hours of energy and fully charges the average smartphone up to 10 times, which is good for about 2 weeks of battery life. It’s essentially like having a wall outlet in your pocket! Consumers can pre-order the plug-less Nectar Mobile Power System from now for $299.99 (extra pods cost $10 each). The release date appears to be set for July 5, 2013. Check out our hands-on demo from the 2013 International CES above and learn more about the system via the information posted below. [Direct YouTube Link]

- Mobile power anytime, anywhere. No outlets required.
- Charge smartphones, cameras, mp3 players, tablets, mobile handsets and more—without outlets or extra cables and adapters
- Connects to your devices via USB 2.0 port
- Uses Nectar Power Pods to charge your devices (sold separately)
- 55000 mW-hours of energy in a single power cartridge (up to 2+ weeks of power for a typical smartphone)
- Nectar Power Pods are hot-swappable so you can always keep your device running
- “Instant On” – nectar™ is always available and allows recharging to begin immediately
- Compact, lightweight and portable
- Great for travel, airports, camping, and power outages
- Approved for carry-on and use on board domestic and international flights under UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations.
- Standard +5V output
- >2.5W peak power
- Weighs only 7 ounces.
- nectar volume: ~150cc
- nectar weight: ~200g
- nectar pod volume: ~55cc
- nectar pod weight: ~35g
- Certified to relevant industry standards and IEC-62282-6-100

A pocket-sized power system.
You’ve been there before. The low battery warning that sends you searching for the nearest outlet to charge your device. Imagine never having to worry that you can’t find one—or if you’re in an airport, that they’re all taken. Introducing Nectar Mobile Power, the revolutionary portable charger that powers your electronic devices for weeks at a time, wherever you are. Just plug your smartphone, camera, mp3 player into your Nectar Mobile Power System and your power problem is solved. No outlets required. 

Nectar takes you off the grid, but keeps you connected. 
Ditch the cords, cables, and extra power adapters. With the Nectar Mobile Power System you’ll be able to power your smartphone, tablets, digital cameras and more no matter where you are, even if there’s no electrical outlet available. Nectar uses Power Pods to charge your device. Its innovative technology harnesses enough energy from a single cartridge to power your cell phone for 2+ weeks. That’s about 10 charges for a typical smartphone. Just plug your device’s USB cable into Nectar. You’ll get +5V of instant charging power in a compact, lightweight power system that you can take just about anywhere. 

Flight ready. Approved for carry-on use. 
The Nectar Mobile Power System is compact and is approved for carry-on and use for regular commercial aircraft by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization and the US Department of Transportation. So no matter where you travel, you’ll never be without power. It’s perfect for road warriors and also comes in super-handy for hiking, camping, power outages—any time you want to power up without an outlet. 

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