New Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Commercials (Videos)

October 29, 2012

Here are Microsoft’s latest advertisements for Windows Phone 8. Steve Ballmer and the Microsoft team want consumers to know that Windows Phone isn’t built for all of us, but for each of us – at least that seems to be the marketing strategy moving forward. If you missed it, be sure to check out Joe Belfiore’s detailed demo of the new platform update.

Meet the new Windows Phone: Reinvented Around You

Video Description:
The new Windows Phone is the only phone with Live Tiles, designed to keep you closer to what matters most. Pin your favorite people, apps and more. Arrange your Start screen just how you want it and see everything that’s going on, as it happens. Only Windows Phone has Live Apps— a delightful innovation that makes apps easy to use and more amazing than ever. They bring the information you want right to your Start screen. Windows Phone is the smart phone built not for all of us, but for each of us. It’s the smartphone reinvented around you.

Meet Steve. See his Windows Phone

Video Description:
What makes Windows Phone, Steve’s phone? Find out from Steve Ballmer and check out the Live Apps he uses most on his Start screen.

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