NTT Docomo Demos iBeam and Grip UI at CEATEC 2012 (Video)

October 10, 2012

At CEATEC 2012 in Japan, NTT Docomo demonstrated prototype eye tracking software and a new gesture-based user interface, respectively called iBeam and Grip UI. Check them out in action in the video above.

This amazing concept user interface for tablets makes it possible to scroll a browser screen or turn pages of a book reader simply by eye movement. With ibeam’s eye-tracking technology, many applications can be operated even if the user’s other hand is busy holding a train strap, carrying bags, etc., making it difficult to operate the device with their fingers.

Grip UI
This concept user interface enables smartphones to be operated with one hand simply by gripping the phone in different ways. The UI detects where and how much pressure is applied to activate shortcuts for functions and a host of other operations. Thanks to this handy interface, easy operation is always assured, even if the user does not have a free hand to press touchscreen icons.

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