Nvidia Aims to Match Console Graphics with Tegra

April 20, 2012

At an industry event hosted by HTC in Seattle yesterday, Nvidia talked about the rise of Tegra and its potential to match console quality graphics (think Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) in the near future.

“Since the introduction of the smartphone, mobile graphics technology has advanced considerably – and it is expected to close the performance gap with console graphics in the next few years.”

We’ve definitely noticed a significant boost in graphics with Android smartphone and tablet games in recent years, especially with the progression of single-core Tegra, dual-core Tegra 2 and now quad-core Tegra 3. It’s amazing to think how far mobile gaming has come in a short span; it’s even more amazing to imagine where it’s going to be in just two to three years. Tegra 4, 5 or 6, anyone?

Coming soon to Google Play and NVIDIA TegraZone:

Dark Meadow: The Pact by Phosphor Games offers a haunting experience and a visual upgrade for Tegra 3 devices compared to the current version on iOS. The game features high-resolution textures and atmospheric real-time lighting effects. It maximizes Unreal Engine 3 to deliver a stunning first-person action/adventure game, where players fight to escape a dark fairytale world filled with fantastical creatures bent on destroying them.

Bounty Arms THD features bounty hunters on mercenary missions. It includes a colorful mix of characters, humor, classic brawler mechanics and platform exploration with RPG-style leveling of armor and weaponry. The game features full dynamic lighting, lots of mobile-optimized shaders, particle effects, animation blending and enemy attack waves boosted by Tegra 3. From Open-Reset and Luma Arcade, Bounty Arms THD will be published by Kerosene Games.

Source: Nvidia

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