Samsung Galaxy S II Windmill & Beach Live Wallpapers extracted, get them on your Android (Update: 2 videos)

April 24, 2011

Rawat, from XDA, has extracted two Live Wallpapers from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II, and now you can run them on your Android. The two wallpapers pulled are centered around the countryside with windmills and the coast with a beach scene. The backgrounds will actually change from day to night depending on the time of day, which is always a cool feature when it comes to live wallpapers.

We tested them out on the Google Nexus S, also by Samsung, and filmed a video for your viewing pleasure. If you’re interested in getting these live wallpapers on your phone, head over to XDA-Developers for the download links. Install the APK files using a file explorer and then configure them just like any other live wallpaper.

Note: on the SGS II, these wallpapers update with weather animations corresponding to your area. I can confirm that this feature does work with these extracted LWPs – see second video below.

Update: the live weather feature also works on these wallpapers.

Check out more Live Wallpapers.

UPDATE: we just stumbled upon a new Live Wallpaper in the Market called My Beach HD. It’s similar to the Galaxy S II Beach LWP, so check out our video review below.

Source: XDA

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  • Tursyn 2009

    What a hell ? This apps doesn’t work on Galaxy 2
    Please anybody know answer let us know ?

  • Petrovic Raul

    I try to find on net, but noone knows how to make this live weather wallpapers to run on samsung galaxy s2?
    Maybe someone here knows?
    Because I got this wethaer wallpapers but always sunny weather if outside is raining…
    thx in advance

    • Nilgunekmekci

      its a big problem Raul and you dont need that phone, never use it, i used to think….
       you must throw it to river….
      good days

  • Luigui

    it’s impossible install it on sg mini? :S T.T i really want it

  • Hendo

    Both live wallpapers do not install on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace). Would really like this live wallpaper to work please!

  • Kdelligatti

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and set this live wallpaper on my phone.  It’s really cool, and changes from night to day, but the weather doesn’t work.  Any suggestions on how to fix it?

  • Alien999

    thanks buddddddyyyyyyyy

  • Ciocalau Adrian

    On Samsung Galaxy SII when pressing on Settings (for Windmill) it crashes.

  • Jay

    Wer is the download link???

  • Robert