Samsung Galaxy S III Ad Encourages NFC Sex Tape Sharing (Video)

October 25, 2012

Samsung’s latest TV advertisement for its popular Galaxy S III Android smartphone puts an interesting spin on NFC-sharing. In the spot, titled “Work Trip,” a husband/father is saying goodbye to his family outside their home prior to heading to the airport in a cab. His two kids excitedly exclaim, “Daddy, we made you a video for your trip! Yeah, watch it on the airplane!” The homemade video is then shared wirelessly to the dad’s Galaxy S3 using the NFC-powered “bump” feature. As the man gets into the taxi, his wife leans in to reveal that she made him a video as well. Without much thought, the husband responds with “aw, that’s so sweet.” She then clarifies with a suggestive expression and by saying, “you probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane.” Naturally, the husband is nearly speechless as the cab drives away. Check it out for yourself in the 30-second clip above.

Samsung also posted two other commercials, labeled “Date Night” and “Game on,” though they probably won’t receive much coverage compared to the “Work Trip” video. View them below.

Note: the Galaxy S III is available worldwide from a variety of carriers (on Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro PCS and US Cellular in the U.S.)

Source: SamsungMobileUSA (YouTube)

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  • Ron

    Who is the woman in the ad? My wife wants to know.

  • Dawn

    I’d like to know, too, Ron. She looks *very* familiar.