Samsung to Improve S Pen by Acquiring Stake in Wacom

January 31, 2013

Samsung’s next-generation S Pen could see significant improvement, as the Korea-based manufacturer has just purchased a five percent stake in Wacom, the leading producer of graphic tablets, for 5,344,687,960 Yen or roughly $58.5 million. In case you’re unaware, Samsung’s pressure-sensitive digital stylus (S Pen) for its Galaxy Note line of smartphones and tablets has actually been supplied by Wacom up to this point. Wacom, based in Japan, says the funds will be used to “invest in product development and manufacturing and supply system enhancements for products to be supplied to Samsung Electronics.” The entire amount from the sale will apparently be used by March 31, 2014.

We’re just speculating here, but if not the Galaxy Note III and successor to the Galaxy Note 10.1 in 2013, then we will likely see the benefits of the deal trickle down to the Galaxy Note IV smartphone, second-generation Galaxy Note 8.0 and third-generation Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets in the form of an enhanced S Pen in 2014. Expect to see Samsung integrate the S Pen into more and more products, especially Android devices and Windows 8 tablets, over the next couple of years.

Source: wacom (PDF) via venturebeat

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