Super Bowl ads: Motorola Xoom, Sony Xperia Play, Galaxy S

February 7, 2011

TV commercials are great. Not necessarily for their content, but for the short breaks they afford us during our favorite programs. Well, as you probably know, it’s become a tradition for many viewers to actually watch the commercials during the Super Bowl. Companies pay top dollar for ad slots because of the huge audience that the championship game demands. Naturally, onlookers expect commercials aired during the game to be new, unique, and entertaining.

A few ads for Android devices made their presence felt during Super Bowl XLV this year – the Motorola Xoom, Sony Xperia Play, and the Galaxy S on Cellular South were featured. Some of them we’ve seen unofficially or teased in the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, but here they are in their complete forms, in case you missed them during the big game.

Note: we’ve already seen the Verizon and AT&T iPhone ads fully, but they’re posted below as well. Oh, and we also threw in the “Rio” trailer (Angry Birds movie) for good measure.

Motorola Xoom Android tablet

Sony Xperia Play “PlayStation Phone”

Samsung Galaxy S

Verizon iPhone 4

AT&T iPhone 4

Rio – Movie Trailer

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