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AT&T 4G LTE Spreads, Now Totals 141 Markets (List)

February 5, 2013

AT&T has started rolling out and expanding 4G LTE coverage to various new markets in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Georgia today. The second largest wireless carrier in the nation now has its LTE footprint in 141 markets, which covers over 170 million people in the US. AT&T is on track to extend coverage to...
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Verizon rolling out 4G LTE to more markets on August 18

July 27, 2011

After Verizon Wireless expanded its 4G LTE network coverage to 28 additional markets last week, you probably assumed they would take a break. That’s not the case, as Big Red just announced some more markets that are scheduled to receive the LTE treatment on August 18th. The coverage will be expanded to New York...
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