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NVIDIA Tegra 4 Web Page Load Test Demo at CES 2013 (Video)

January 14, 2013
nvidia tegra 4 benchmark

In the video above from the 2013 International CES, we checked out another aspect of NVIDIA’s upcoming Tegra 4 quad-core processor. The chip-maker had a webpage load test station set up for CES attendees to put a Tegra 4-powered Android development tablet through its paces. During NVIDIA’s CES press conference, we saw the same...
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NVIDIA Tegra 4 Android Gaming: Blood Sword Demo at CES 2013 (Video)

January 13, 2013
ces 2013 nvidia tegra 4 android game

While at NVIDIA’s booth at the 2013 CES, we took a quick look at an upcoming TegraZone game, called Blood Sword THD: Sword of Ruin, played on a Tegra 4-powered Android developer tablet. NVIDIA claims Tegra 4 is the world’s fastest mobile processor. You may not be able to tell from this particular gameplay...
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