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Angry Birds Star Wars: Escape from Hoth Update Released for Android, Features Mynock Pigs (Gameplay Video)

January 31, 2013

Rovio has released the Escape from Hoth episode update for Angry Birds: Star Wars on Android and iOS. The new expansion pack delivers 20 new levels, 2 bonus levels, new Mynock pigs, an asteroid field and epic boss fight. Grab the update from Google Play or iTunes, depending on the platform. Check out some...
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Angry Birds Star Wars Escape From Hoth Update Coming

January 29, 2013

Rovio has started teasing a new update for their hit Angry Birds: Star Wars game for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone. While there aren’t too many details at this point, Rovio  tweeted an image and the hashtag “Escape from Hoth” today, suggesting that will be the name of the next expansion pack. Rovio’s last...
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Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth Update Adds 20 New Levels, Princess Leia and AT-AT Walkers on Android and iOS (Video)

November 29, 2012

“It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth. Unfortunately the evil Darth Vader discovers their hideout, and the desperate Rebel birds must escape the AT-ATs and Pigtroopers hot on their trail....
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Angry Birds Star Wars for Android (Video Review)

November 8, 2012

- YouTube Direct Link Rovio just released Angry Birds Star Wars for Android, Windows Phone 8 and iOS devices. In the video above, we review the new game on the Google Nexus 7 Android tablet. It’s actually quite fun as it brings new aspects and gameplay mechanics to the series. The game still revolves...
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