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HTC Infobar A02 Android Smartphone with iida UI 2.0 Announced for Japan’s KDDI au (Specs, Pics, Video)

January 26, 2013

KDDI au announced the HTC Infobar A02 Android smartphone for the Japanese market. If the handset’s unique aesthetics look familiar, it’s because it was designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the same industrial designer who imagined the simplistic, yet colorful Infobar A01 and Infobar C02 phones. His creations are certainly one of a kind and tend...
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Fujitsu ARROWS ES IS12F Android measures 6.7mm thin

December 5, 2011

While the Motorola DROID RAZR is impressively thin at 7.1mm in thickness, it doesn’t have anything on Fujitsu’s upcoming ARROWS ES IS12F. The Japanese handset for KDDI au measures in at just 6.7mm thick, and that’s without a hump. The device will be launched in Japan in January 2012. Hopefully we’ll start seeing more...
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