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Verizon 4G LTE Goes Live in 33 New Markets on July 19

July 18, 2012

Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network will be available to 33 new markets and expanded in 32 other markets on July 19th. That brings total coverage to 337 markets. The largest wireless carrier in the US is on track to cover more than 400 markets by the end of 2012. Read on for the full...
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T-Mobile to Launch 4G LTE Network in 2013

February 23, 2012

T-Mobile will end up being the last of the big four wireless providers in the U.S. to roll out LTE service, but today they finally announced plans to invest in and ultimately launch their 4G LTE network in 2013. The investment will cost T-Mobile $4 billion, which includes improvements to current voice and data...
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Today’s 10-cent Android apps: ADW EX Launcher, Reckless Getaway, Tetris, Blue Skies Live Wallpaper and more

December 8, 2011

It’s day 3 of Google’s 10 billion downloads promotion, and that means 10 more apps at a great price. Today’s 10-cent Android apps include: Reckless Getaway, ADW EX Launcher, Tetris, Space Physics, Can Knockdown 2, Homerun Battle 3D, Toki Tori, Kids Learn to Read, Talking Tom Cat 2, Blue Skies Live Wallpaper (full version)....
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Get Android Market 3.3.11 update now (download)

November 1, 2011

Apparently, a new update to the redesigned Android Market is starting to roll-out to devices. You can either wait to get the update automatically, which could take weeks, or download the latest Market 3.3.11 APK file now and manually install it. Unlike the previous update, it’s recommended not to install it on Honeycomb tablets,...
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RIM advertises HTC Android in BlackBerry Torch 9850 video

August 19, 2011

RIM mistakenly advertised for Android in their new BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 fan night video. The clip starts out okay by showing people using BlackBerry devices while others are briefly interviewed. That’s when it happens. At 15 seconds in, Jeff Gadway from Research In Motion begins talking about the BB7 OS while the video displays...
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Android Market redesigned, reminds us of WP7 (install now)

July 12, 2011

Google can’t seem to make up their minds when it comes to the design of the Android Market. At the end of 2011, they introduced an update to the Market, which mildly cleaned and polished it up a bit. Now, they’ve completely redesigned the Android Market, and it reminds us of elements from the...
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Angry Birds Seasons St. Patrick’s Day update released for Android and iPhone; we go hands-on with video

March 11, 2011

Rovio just released Angry Birds Seasons ‘Go Green, Get Lucky,’ the St. Patrick’s Day add-on to the popular seasonal game. The update is free for Android as usual and can be downloaded now from the Android Market. The iPhone variant costs 99 cents. The add-on brings St. Paddy’s Day themed levels, character designs and...
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Seesmic Android Twitter app updated with Facebook support

March 2, 2011

The Seesmic Twitter application for Android has been updated to version 1.6 and now includes full Facebook Support, Twitlonger and more. As always, you can grab the free update from the Android Market. Check out the change log and video demo after the break. Seesmic 1.6 new features: * Complete Facebook support with Facebook...
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Twitter for Android gets new look, improvements with 2.0

February 10, 2011

Twitter released a major update to their official app for Android today. It’s targeted to provide a more consistent experience across all platforms and devices. Below you’ll find a quick change log, followed by a detailed description of the new features. We’ve also posted some screenshots. Grab the free update from the Android Market...
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Android Market gets facelift, stricter refund policy via update

December 11, 2010

Google’s Android division just announced its immediate plans to roll out a new update for the Android Market, which aims to please developers, but will inadvertently upset consumers to some degree. While desirable features are certainly present in the changelog, such as more app categories and an overall better browsing experience via UI improvements,...
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Free Android Game: Beetle Jump Beta (Video)

November 24, 2010

Beetle Jump is a casual Android game where the object is to score as many points as possible. You do this by jumping your beetle from one lily pad to the next. If you miss any targets, you lose a life. You can also gain lives by skipping pads closest to you. As you...
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Android: Armored Defense and 3 Kingdoms Tower Defense Games (Videos)

November 17, 2010

Tower Defense games are immensely popular on smartphones and it‘s with good reason. The constant need to adjust defensive positions in order to survive through each level can be quite addicting, and the touch screens afforded by our phones provide the perfect interface for such gameplay. In these games, the goal is to defend...
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Android Game: Backbreaker Football (Video)

September 22, 2010

College football and the NFL seasons are in full swing now, so why not play a fun game if you’re a football fan and have an Android device? Backbreaker Football, created by NaturalMotion games, is an arcade style game in which your only goal is to get from one end of the field to...
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