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ARCHOS GamePad Android Jelly Bean Gaming Tablet Demo (Video)

January 15, 2013

In this video from CES 2013, we go hands on with the ARCHOS GamePad Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet. The GamePad basically merges a 7-inch tablet with a full-featured gaming controller with exclusive button mapping capabilities. The gaming tablet is powered by a dual-core 1.6GHz processor, quad-core Mali 400MP GPU and 1GB of RAM....
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Game emulators for Android free on SlideMe app store

July 15, 2011

In case you weren’t aware, Yongzh’s hit home console and portable gaming system emulators for Android are free on the SlideMe app store. All of these emulators were previously available on the Android Market before Google removed them a few months back. The free emulators include: Nesoid for the original Nintendo, SNesoid for Super...
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How to use Android, Windows Phone 7 & iPhone apps with Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality software (video)

March 31, 2011

In this video, we show you how you can use a couple of Android and Windows Phone 7 apps in place of the flimsy paper cards for the Nintendo 3DS and its augmented reality system. Both apps are free in the Andriod Market and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and they feature all six AR...
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Nintendo 3DS glasses-free 3D console unboxing (video)

March 28, 2011

In this video, we unbox the new Nintendo 3DS glasses-free 3D handheld gaming console, which was just released on March 27 in the US. Yes, we know, we’re a smartphone/tablet-centric website, but the 3DS gives us an opportunity to get a sneak peek into the very near future of glasses-free 3D gaming on a...
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Nintendo emulator for Windows Phone 7 in the wild

January 2, 2011

The first gaming emulator for Windows Phone 7 has been born. Developer Matt Bettcher is trying his best to get his NES emulator for WP7 approved by Microsoft, so gamers can access it via the Marketplace. Unfortunately, Microsoft shot him down on his initial attempt, even though emulators have made their presence felt on...
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Android Game: Hyperactive Ninja Retro NES Style Platformer (Video)

October 8, 2010

Hyperactive Ninja, by Ninja Coders, is a nostalgic platformer that’s very reminiscent of some classic Nintendo games. It has the 8-bit style retro (pixel-art) graphics, funky soundtrack, and frustrating gameplay that made those old school games quite addictive. The main character, named Kôhimaru, is a ninja slash caffeine fiend who’s on a mission to...
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