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Air Dagger SHMUP for Windows Phone released (video)

August 19, 2011

Elbert Perez has released another great Windows Phone game under the OccasionalGamer brand. This one is called Air Dagger and it’s a SHMUP, or shoot ‘em up, style game. Like all of his games, Air Dagger is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace (Zune link). Check out the description, features and gameplay...
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Armored Drive Windows Phone 7 slot racer released (video)

May 22, 2011

Remember Kamikaze Race for Android and iOS? Well, now there’s a similar game for Windows Phone 7, but it has a few surprises up its sleeve. Armored Drive, by our friend at OccasionalGamer, has been released for free to the WP7 Marketplace (Zune link). The goal is to navigate through traffic and as you...
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Free Word Punk Windows Phone 7 game released (video)

April 20, 2011

Elbert Perez, one of the great indie developers for Windows Phone 7, has released his 11th game, called Word Punk. It’s a fast paced word game in which you have a limited amount of time to enter as many words as possible with the letters given to you. Entries can be regular words, gamer...
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Microchip Rush game for Windows Phone 7 (video)

March 31, 2011

Our friend Elbert Perez from Occasional Gamer just hit us up with word of his free, new indie game for Windows Phone 7. We’ve seen several enjoyable games come out of his development camp, and his latest, called Microchip Rush, looks like it’s going to be a great game as well. It’s almost like...
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Steam Castle for WP7 released (gameplay video)

March 1, 2011

Elbert Perez, indie game developer extraordinaire, has released another fun looking game to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Following games likeTraffic Cop, Impossible Shoota and Blackboard Gems, Steam Castle is actually his 9th free (ad-supported) game under the OccasionalGamer brand. In Steam Castle, the objective is simple: defend your castle by intercepting enemies and...
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Windows Phone 7 game: avoid crashing in Traffic Cop

February 11, 2011

Elbert Perez, from OccasionalGamer, just dropped a free, new game in the WP7 Marketplace. Traffic Cop is like a variation of the classic Flight Control game. You don’t get to completely control the path of each piece, but the principle is the same: keep traffic flowing and prevent crashes. You direct traffic by controlling...
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Blackboard Gems puzzle game for Windows Phone 7

January 16, 2011

We posted about a throwback puzzle game for Android earlier, but now it’s Windows Phone 7′s turn to get some attention. OccasionalGamer, creators of Impossible Shoota and Scribble Defense, has released Blackboard Gems, a new match 3 puzzle game with global high scores for WP7. It’s available now for free in the Windows Phone...
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Windows Phone 7 shoot ‘em up games: Impossible Shoota and Samarium Wars

November 18, 2010

Shoot ‘em ups are one of my favorite genres of gaming. There’s something satisfying about blowing up enemies while precisely maneuvering through a sea of bullets. I suppose it’s the fast-paced action and challenge that makes them fun; or maybe it’s all the trippy bright colors? We previously wrote about a game called Corona,...
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Windows Phone 7 Game Preview: Scribble Defense

July 24, 2010

The creator of Scribble Defense is currently porting the popular Xbox LIVE and PC title to Windows Phone 7. The description of the console version states, “You are the Scribble Meister, a master of inks and defender of Scribbles. As their sole protector, you alone defend them from an unrelenting march of vicious Scrawls....
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