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ShiftyJelly’s Pocket Casts 4 for Android Coming Soon, Get Your Podcasts Ready (Changelog)

February 1, 2013

It’s been a year since ShiftyJelly last updated its popular podcast app for Android, cleverly called Pocket Casts. Most Android users probably assumed the app had been abandoned, especially since the iPhone version has been getting regular updates as recent as November. Despite the lack of updates, Pocket Casts has held its ground as arguably...
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RealPlayer Android App Graduates from Beta (Video)

August 14, 2012

The RealPlayer Android application has graduated from its beta status and is now available in its final form for free on Google Play (with in-app purchases). RealNetworks’ mobile RealPlayer app essentially allows users to watch videos, play music and view photos on the go – an all-in-one media app, if you will. Check out...
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VLC Player Beta for Android Released on Google Play

July 2, 2012

VLC Player, the robust media player well-known for playing all kinds of files, is now available on Android as a beta application. You can grab it for free from the Google Play Store, however, keep in mind that it’s only an early build (0.0.1) that may not be very polished. This one probably works...
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Google Unveils Nexus Q: First Social Streaming Media Player

June 27, 2012

Along with the Nexus 7 tablet and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google also announced the Nexus Q as the first social streaming media player at Google I/O 2012 today. Using the Google Play and YouTube apps on Android, Nexus Q streams your favorite TV shows, movies and music directly from the cloud to your...
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