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WP7 Games Previewed: Sky War, Battleships, Zombie Epidemic, Glow Puzzle, Scribble Defense

October 4, 2010

In this installment of upcoming Windows Phone 7 games, we have four previews. Sky War is a classic, vertical shooter where you avoid obstacles, dogfight enemies, level-up your weapons and face spectacular bosses. Battleships is the game you know and love from childhood – it’s a hit or miss game where you take turns...
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Windows Phone 7 Game Preview: Scribble Defense

July 24, 2010

The creator of Scribble Defense is currently porting the popular Xbox LIVE and PC title to Windows Phone 7. The description of the console version states, “You are the Scribble Meister, a master of inks and defender of Scribbles. As their sole protector, you alone defend them from an unrelenting march of vicious Scrawls....
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