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Sony Ericsson X12 Anzu Android handled early

November 17, 2010

Sony Ericsson always releases gorgeous looking devices, but they also seem to lag behind when it comes to software. With Sony Android devices, the OS version is often outdated by the time they hit the market. Well, their next generation Android, the X12 or Anzu, will be a little less late to the game,...
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Sony PlayStation Phone with Android OS Appears in Images

October 27, 2010

Gamers worldwide have been dreaming of a PlayStation phone for years, so it’s incredibly exciting for them to see that it’s finally becoming a reality. Engadget posted the above/below images of a prototype PlayStation smartphone made by Sony Ericsson. We’ve seen renders of it before, but these are actually shots of a tangible handset...
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Android Market Gets Sony PlayStation Emulator (Videos)

July 25, 2010

PSX4Droid is a new PlayStation Emulator for Android and it looks awesome. As you can see in the videos below, it’s running mighty well for such an early release. We can only imagine how well it will run months from now. Although it runs great on the Droid X and Nexus One, older devices...
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