T-Mobile See It Again, Fast Songs TV Ads with Carly Foulkes

May 9, 2012

T-Mobile’s Alter Ego ad campaign continues with two more TV commercials featuring Carly Foulkes, otherwise known as the T-Mobile girl, on a Ducati motorcycle. While the first ad posted below unfairly brags about T-Mobile’s network speeds versus a specific AT&T handset (AT&T’S 4G LTE network is faster), it’s still an entertaining spot and Carly’s role in it is undeniably cute. The second clip continues boasting about network speeds, but features the HTC One S smartphone as the centerpiece of the commercial.

Video Description:
How much faster is T-Mobile’s 4G network compared to the iPhone 4S on AT&T’s network? Don’t blink or you may miss it. Now see how much faster our 4G speeds are for real at tmobile.com/testdrive.

Video Description:
Get your music 4G fast with the new HTC One S, exclusively from T-Mobile. Combine the 4G speed of T-Mobile with the built-in beats audio technology of the new HTC One S 4G smartphone and what do you get? Stream your favorite songs from your music library straight from the cloud on Google Play. No wires. No syncing. Just 4G fast.

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  • Michael Scott

    Listening to music with headphones while operating a motor vehicle is a dangerous (if not unlawful) activity. Whether or not it’s legal ANYWHERE…. it’s definitely unsafe EVERYWHERE.HTC and T-Mobile obviously failed to do the proper research before depicting this life-threatening practice. The fact that they’re promoting it using a young person on a speedy bike makes it all the more deplorable. (Come on, guys…give your own legal departments a call…..NOW!)
    There are already enough distractions on the open road capable of killing young drivers without adding one more ‘element’ to the mix. 
    So, HTC and T-Mobile, I implore you to pull this spot! It’s irresponsible to say the least.
    Michael ScottMotorcycle Safety TrainerCanada

    • Toby_Wyatt_Flenderson

      Obviously you weren’t watching the commercial. I didn’t see one headphone on her person anytime during that video. I implore you to stop jumping to conclusions and wasting our time with your worthless PSA.