Verizon Samsung Galaxy S II launching in July? (update: no)

June 8, 2011

Update: looks like the Verizon spokesperson is backtracking, saying she was “incorrect and meant that Samsung Galaxy Tab would appear in July.”

According to Computerworld, a Verizon representative has confirmed with them that the Verizon branded Galaxy S II, also rumored as the Samsung Function, will be launching as early as July.

A Verizon spokeswoman said via email that the device is expected to go on sale by the carrier in July, but added that there’s “no date just yet.”

A leaked accessory listing revealed US variants of the Galaxy S II last month. Aside from the Verizon Function, other names listed were the AT&T Attain and Sprint Within. We’re still filing this under a rumor until Verizon makes an official statement, since July seems awfully close for US GSII launch. We’ll keep you posted when more details leak.

Source: Computerworld

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