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We are proud to present SmartKeitai.com, a website focusing on mobile technology that promises to bring the latest smartphone/tablet related content to those interested. Coverage is based on devices that run Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. That being said, most of our focus will be on the Android platform. We also occasionally write about other popular products in the tech industry. At SmartKeitai, we strive to post interesting news, tips/tutorials, software & hardware reviews, and videos often.

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SmartKeitai Team

Editor-in-chief: CJ Lippstreu

CJ is a graduate from the University of Florida. When he’s not obsessing over smartphones and other tech, you can find him playing tennis or in the mountains snowboarding. He also owns every video game console known to man, though he rarely plays them. His current devices of choice are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Google Nexus 7 tablet.

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Contributing Editor: T.S.

T.S. is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. He’s the smartphone-obsessed guy that falls asleep with his device in his hand at least twice a week. Rather than use his phone to be more productive, it often causes him to be the opposite. His device of choice is the Motorola DROID 4.


Managing Editor: Calvin Tribbitt

Calvin is a University graduate who is well versed in mobile software. Aside from blogging about mobile devices, his other passions include gaming and art. He doesn’t have an operating system or device of choice, as it changes frequently.


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