Christmas HD 1.4.2 Android Live Wallpaper (Video Review)

December 16, 2012

This is a video review update for Christmas HD, one of the best live wallpapers available for Android this holiday season. We demo every feature using a Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and Google Nexus 10 tablet running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. If you’re interested, grab the festive Christmas-themed 3D LWP from the Google Play Store for $1.99.

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Celebrate the wonders of Christmas – in true 3-D!

Gather the family together in a cozy den, in front of a warm crackling fireplace. Your own picture on the mantel is surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, and stockings with your names grace the fireplace. Enjoy a Christmas tree with customizable lights, gifts, and tree topper. Eagerly await Santa’s visit with a calendar that counts down the days until Christmas, and leave cookies and a note for Santa Claus. Gaze out the frost-covered window at a picturesque Winter scene while snow gently falls.

Customize every part of the scene, including your own photograph on the fireplace, your text on the stockings and the message for Santa. Choose the color of lights, customize the ornaments, gifts and ribbons, snowflakes, garland, tree topper, and more! You can also show or hide the items in the scene to celebrate the wonders of Christmas in a way that means the most to you. Works great with phones, tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers.

- Automatically enables stockings when names are set
- Improved selecting custom mantel image
- Includes free Daydream for JB 4.2 devices
- Special events on Christmas Eve Day
- Add another stocking to the fireplace
- Write your own note to Santa and see his response
- Use Dec 25th or 24th for the calendar countdown
- Choose landscape or portrait styles for the custom photo
- Interact with poinsettias, stockings, wreath, and more
- New ornament, book, snow, and more

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