Google Chrome Beta 27 Update: Full Screen Support on Android Smartphones, Tab History on Tablets (Changelog)

April 10, 2013

Google updated the Chrome Beta Web browser for Android to version 27 with a couple new features, including full screen support for Android smartphones, tab history on tablets, client-side certificate support and simpler searching. Check out the full changelog of enhancements, performance fixes and known issues below, then grab the latest Chrome Beta update for free from the Google Play store.

Chrome Beta 27.0.1453.49 Changelog:

  • Fullscreen on phones – Scroll down the page and the toolbar will disappear.
  • Simpler searching – Searching from the omnibox will keep your search query visible in the omnibox, making it easier to edit, and show more on your search result page.
  • Client-side certificate support – You can now access sites that require you to use a certificate and Chrome will allow you to select an installed certificate
  • Tab history on tablets – Long press the browser back button to view your tab history

Known Issues:

  • Noticeable lag in text entry on some text fields
  • chrome://history sometimes show duplicate items
  • Opening tabs is sometimes slow
  • Pages may flicker sometimes, especially during navigation


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