HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 in Times Square (Video)

March 19, 2013

We could have an Android civil war on our hands, as HTC is still aggressively targeting Samsung in the wake of the Galaxy S4 unveiling event. Immediately after the announcement, HTC took the battle to Twitter by Tweeting and Retweeting negative comments about the new Galaxy S4. HTC referred to the Galaxy S4 as “the next big flop,” a marketing “gimmick” and ultimately described it as more of the same. Now, the Taiwanese handset-maker has taken the instigation to the next level by releasing a video. In the clip, HTC actually took a camera crew out to Times Square in order to promote the HTC One smartphone on the night of Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 event. It begins with HTC specifically mentioning the Galaxy S4 press conference and ends with a consumer calling the One “better than Samsung.”

HTC seems to be taking multiple pages out of Samsung’s playbook as of late. HTC transformed the One brand from a multi-device lineup to a single flagship that could be recognized worldwide, which is exactly what Samsung did with its Galaxy S line. Now, HTC is shifting to an attack campaign, much like Samsung did to Apple in order to build hype. It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling while Samsung has been on the rise in recent years. It’s interesting to see HTC use Samsung’s own tactics against them. What will be even more interesting is to see how this all plays out. Will Samsung play into HTC’s hands by retaliating?

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