Koi Android Live Wallpaper released by Kittehface (video)

July 18, 2011

There are many fish themed Live Wallpapers on the Android Market, so it can be quite difficult to filter through the assortment in an effort to find the best one. Well, Kittehface Software puts that concern to rest with the release of their latest wallpaper creation, called Koi Live Wallpaper. It’s arguably the best fish or koi pond animated wallpaper you’ll find on Android at the moment. The water animations are fantastic and the graphics are rich in color. You can grab a free version with a predetermined configuration or pay 99 cents to unlock customizing options – both available in the Android Market. If you opt for the latter, you’ll be able to choose from 10 different backgrounds, enable & adjust raindrop effects, customize the Koi fish (color, size, amount), and more. Check out our video review of Koi Live Wallpaper below.

Note: apparently you can feed the fish by double tapping the screen. We weren’t able to get this to work.

Source: Android Market

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  • Patandcarol8

    Love this wallpaper so cool