New S-Voice APK Pulled from Samsung Galaxy S4 ROM (Download)

March 26, 2013

Along with the new wallpapers and ringtones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 ROM dump also made the new S Voice app available for download. It’s supposedly working well on the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Nexus 4, though there have been reports of some issues with AOSP-based ROMs. S Voice is based on the Vlingo personal assistant software and it allows users to interact with the phone using voice. With S Voice, users can: voice dial, send text messages, search contacts, create a memo, schedule an appointment/task, play music, update social media status, search apps, open apps, record voice, set alarms/timer, toggle system functions (wifi/bluetooth/GPS/etc), acquire navigational directions, look up weather, and even ask questions and get informative answers. Grab the extracted S Voice APK from hotfile.




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