NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming on Android, Battlefield 3 & Street Fighter IV Demo at 2013 CES (Video)

January 12, 2013

At the 2013 CES, NVIDIA was easily the star of the show for gamers, as they announced the Tegra 4 mobile processor, Project Shield portable Android gaming console, and NVIDIA GRID cloud gaming service. In this video, we go hands on with NVIDIA GRID to see if it really has the potential to be as good as it sounds on paper (spoiler: it’s awesome).

I’m thrilled to report there was no noticeable lag in playing games like Battlefield 3 and Super Street Fighter IV on the Asus Transformer Prime and Google Nexus 7 Android tablets – both of which are powered by last year’s Tegra 3 quad-core chipsets. You would normally want to play first-person shooters and fighting games on consoles, like the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, or maybe even on a PC, but they actually streamed and played smoothly on both tablets while looking great in the process. Keep in mind, this tech demo was performed on less powerful hardware than the aforementioned consoles, yet they performed admirably thanks to the future cloud gaming solution. We imagine it only gets better on a Tegra 4 powered device, like on the upcoming Project Shield Android handheld. GRID isn’t only restricted to Android devices either, as there were demo stations for PC, Mac, LG’s Smart TV, smartphones and more.

Unfortunately, an exact release date is not set at this time. NVIDIA is currently in discussions with various manufacturers and partners as they’re hoping to bring the service to the public later this year. It’s also unclear what pricing model will be adopted, but hopefully it will be competitive or similar to other streaming services like Netflix.

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- NVIDIA GRID is the foundation for the ideal on-demand gaming service, providing tremendous advantages over traditional console gaming systems.
- Any-device gaming: High-quality, low-latency, multi device gaming on any PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone, and TV.
- Click-to-play simplicity: Anytime access to a library of gaming titles and saved games in the cloud. Play or continue games from any device, anywhere.
- Less hassle: No new hardware. No complicated setup. No game discs. No digital downloads. No game installations. No game patches.

- More concurrent users: Enable up to 36 HD-quality game streams from a single server using NVIDIA’s new GPU virtualization technology.
- Power efficiency: With the ability to serve up to 36 concurrent users, operators can expect a dramatic reduction in the cost and amount of power consumed per game stream.
- NVIDIA VGX HyperVisor: The VGX Hypervisor manages GPU resources to allow multiple users to share GPU hardware while improving user density and create a true PC gaming experience in the cloud.
- Lower latency: NVIDIA has focused on reducing game server latency, achieving an amazing 30 ms reduction with the NVIDIA GRID platform. The end result is a cloud gaming experience that feels like playing on a local console.

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