Nvidia Highlights Six Tegra 4 Android Games (Video)

February 26, 2013

The upcoming Tegra 4 quad-core processor will usher in a new generation of gaming on Android smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles like Project Shield later this year. Nvidia’s doing their best to keep consumers informed on what games we should expect to take full advantage of Tegra 4′s performance around launch.

Check out details on a handful of Tegra 4-optimized Android games below. They include: Dead on Arrival 2, Zombie Driver, RU Golf, Codex: The Warrior, Carie: Blood Mansion and Burn Zombie Burn.

Dead on Arrival 2

Developer & Publisher: N3V Games
Tear though wave after wave of the walking dead with custom built death-dealing weapons, like the fire spitting Minigun and the room clearing Rocket Launcher. Paint the walls red as you fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and deadlier enemies. Take it to the next level on Tegra 4 with dynamic shadows, ultra-realistic blood splatter and incredible lighting and post-processing effects. The end of the world never looked so good.

Tegra 4-enhanced Zombie Driver: Side-by-side comparison vs non-Tegra 4

Developer & Publisher: Exor Studios
This is a side-by-side video comparison showing the enhancements present in the Tegra 4-enhanced version of the Android game Zombie Driver.

NVIDIA Tegra 4 enhancements:
- Full HD resolution
- Real-time dynamic lighting
- Different lighting conditions in all missions
- Per-pixel shading on all surfaces with custom per-material specular masks
- PC content base — more polygons & better textures
- 2x the zombies in some missions
- Custom blood splat shader on vehicles
- Anisotropic x16 texture filtering

Tegra 4-enhanced RU Golf: Side-by-side comparison vs non-Tegra 4

Developer & Publisher: Nutgee
RU Golf swung onto the mobile scene last year for Tegra 3-powered devices and will follow through with Tegra 4. Experience mano-a-mano multiplayer online battles with dynamic specular lighting, soft shadows, and bloom and lens flare effects. With various levels and character customizing features, get ready to tee off with RU Golf. A sure shot hole-in-one!

NVIDIA Tegra 4 enhancements:
- Higher resolution textures
- More background objects
- Better watter effects
- Soft shadows
- Bloom & lens flare effects
- FXAA 2 anti-aliasing

CODEX: The Warrior









Developer & Publisher: Devclan and Playbean

With an emphasis on action and fighting, Tegra 4 brings to life the 3D action RPG CODEX: The Warrior. In the game, you’ll battle monstrous enemies in search of an ancient document after a war in heaven. The already impressive graphics get a console-like boost with the real-time dynamic shadows and HDR lighting.

Carie: Blood Mansion








Developer & Publisher: Neowiz

Tegra device users will get an exclusive map in Carie: Blood Mansion, with even more immersive graphics on Tegra 4 devices. You’ll guide Carie through bloody battles in this action adventure title with high-res textures, enhanced physics simulations and optimized fire and smoke effects.

Burn Zombie Burn









Developer: Tick Tock Games

Burn Zombie Burn blasts onto the mobile scene for the first time with fast-paced, console-quality action that has you striving to survive against a never-ending horde of zombies. With a slew of weapons available for your zombie-blasting pleasure, you’ll master the art of eradicating the undead.


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