Galaxy S4 to Hit AT&T on April 26, Verizon on May 30?

April 15, 2013

We may be looking at a scattered U.S. release for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone. The fourth generation Galaxy flagship will reportedly land on AT&T on April 26th and Verizon on May 30th, according to a training document for Staples employees leaked over the weekend. Keep in mind these are specifically noted as tentative dates, so details could change over the next month and a half.

The document also makes mention of T-Mobile’s plans to launch the device on May 1st, though we already knew that much. There’s no mention of Sprint, however, the Now Network already said its GS4 would be available in Q2, so it’s reasonable to expect a date in the same range of its rivals. For Sprint subscribers, hopefully the Galaxy S 4 lands closer to AT&T and T-Mobile’s launch date as opposed to Verizon’s.


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