LG Could Unveil Two More Android Smartphones at MWC 2013 on February 25 (Teaser Video)

February 19, 2013

After jumping the gun with the Optimus G and Optimus L series II of Android smartphones ahead of MWC 2013, LG is now teasing two more device announcements for February 25th. The teaser above doesn’t reveal much, but notice the capitalized letters in the keywords that appeared in the video: the styLe, the Freedom, the View and the Greatness. The “L” in “styLe” obviously represents the L series II, which includes the second-generation L3, L5 and L7 handsets, and the “G” in “Greatness” symbolizes the Optimus G Pro. What about the “F” in “Freedom” and “V” in “View?” The former could be anything, but the latter is possibly hinting at yet another Optimus VU phablet device – the original and its slightly modified successor were released in 2012, so perhaps LG feels it’s already time for an Optimus Vu III?

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