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SmartKeitai’s CES 2013 Video Coverage in Review

January 27, 2013

In case you missed our CES 2013 coverage from earlier in the month, here’s a roundup of all our videos from the conference. We managed to film over 30 videos covering smartphones, tablets, gaming, smart devices, prototypes, fitness bands, various accessories and more. Check out the list with direct links below or head to...
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BuQu Tech Magnetyze Magnetic Conductive Charging System for Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone (Video)

January 23, 2013

This is a demo of the BuQu Tech Magnetyze magnetic charging system for the Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone and iPhone 4/4S/5. It’s basically a protective case that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly through various magnetic docks for your office, home and car. Unlike traditional inductive chargers, this conductive charging solution...
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