Angry Birds Star Wars Escape From Hoth Update Coming

January 29, 2013

Rovio has started teasing a new update for their hit Angry Birds: Star Wars game for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone. While there aren’t too many details at this point, Rovio  tweeted an image and the hashtag “Escape from Hoth” today, suggesting that will be the name of the next expansion pack. Rovio’s last update to the game was centered around Hoth, so escaping the remote ice world in the next episode makes a lot of sense. Updates for the Angry Birds series are usually hyped a week or two before they’re released, at least for Android and iOS, so we’ll be sure to followup once it hits Google Play and  iTunes. Windows Phone users are still waiting for the first Hoth update, so hopefully Rovio will make up for it by packaging both episodes in one update.


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