NBA Star Kevin Durant Slams Doodle Jump in New Sprint Ad

February 27, 2012

Kevin Durant put on a show during the 2012 NBA All-Star game last night and ultimately won the MVP award, but today we’re interested in his new commercial that repeatedly aired over the weekend. In the ad, Sprint, the official wireless partner of the NBA, focuses on their ability to offer customers carefree unlimited data, whereas their competitors force users into dilemmas due to throttling and tiered data plans. As you will see in the video above, the soft-spoken superstar shows his comedic side by questioning why anyone would choose to download Doodle Jump, a simplistic, yet addictive game for Android and iPhone, over live streaming the last seconds of a competitive Oklahoma City Thunder game. “Seriously, you chose to download Doodle Jump instead of streaming my shot… Doodle Jump? Man, that’s messed up,” says Durant before Sprint closes by telling the audience to switch to their network for “truly unlimited data.” NBA fan or not, Durant’s reaction to such a predicament is hilarious.

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