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Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit for Android Smartphones, iPhone and Windows Phone (Video)

January 27, 2013

The Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit is for users who want a fail-safe reserve battery source in the event their smartphone runs out of juice from regular use or during a power outage. As described in the video above, the Kit includes the Switch 8 Recharger and Nomad Solar Panel. You can...
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Nectar Power System Charges Smartphones with Fuel Cartridges, Delivers 2 Weeks of Battery Life Per Pod (Video)

January 15, 2013

Lilliputian Systems’ Nectar Power system is a unique, portable battery charger that uses fuel cartridges to charge Android smartphones, Windows Phones, the iPhone & iPad, tablets, MP3 players, cameras and more. That translates to not having to charge phones or traditional lithium battery-based portable power packs through cables before getting enough juice to get...
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